Hey everyone, my name is Nick I am 46 years old, and I am a survey addict.

Nick Owner of Globalsurveysites.comSome time back I was looking for some work from home opportunities, as I wanted to make a serious change in my life. The hustle and bustle of a 7 to 4 day job was not what I wanted for the rest of my life. My health was also starting to suffer as a result of never ending stress. Eventually after an ulcer operation, two back operations and constant migraines, I realized that I need to get out.

I started looking in to various work from home jobs. I joined several freelance work sites, started trading on the stock market, joined many other sites and even some game tester sites. In my search and research I also discovered and joined a excellent affiliate training site.

It is however with survey sites that I found the most fun. Doing surveys is not only fun, it is educational and of course the important part is; they pay you. Yes the pay is not great, it never will be, but I never considered it as a full time income, but rather as an additional income that actually adds up if you join many survey sites at the same time. The thing I like the most about doing surveys is how you can learn of new products that are soon to enter the market, almost like having inside information. I am now registered with about 20 survey sites, but it was not easy. You see, I am from South Africa, and many survey sites are only open to citizens from the US, UK and Canada. Most of the time you only find this out after spending countless hours researching a particular site that you were intending to join. Most review sites only tell you that you need to be from these three countries, at the end of their review, and some of them don’t even tell you at all. I can’t remember how many survey sites I joined even after reading their terms, only to find out later that I was not eligible. Not even to mention the amount of hours I wasted trying to find global sites.

There are many scams and scam sites out there that are very eager to steal your hard earned money, and my aimPoker cards with this website is to show you only the best work from home opportunities that are worth joining, and that accept people globally. I hope to show you through my experience what makes money and what you have to avoid. I will also review all the survey sites that actually pay and that I am currently registered with so you don’t have to waste your time; and will add more sites over time.

I make an open invitation too you to get involved and to give feedback, and please don’t hesitate to write about your experiences with a particular site that I review. I would really like to hear from you regarding any content on my site, or if you just want to leave a comment, so please do speak your mind.

I wish you all the best and thank you for your visit.

Best regards always,



Founder of Global Survey Sites

Site: globalsurveysites.com

Email: admin@globalsurveysites.com

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About Author: Nick
Hello! I'm Nick. I am a family man, a survey junky, a work from home nut, gambler, writer, and overall Jack of all trades. I also enjoy gaming, stock trading, swimming, and especially making money.