ClixSense found at is an online rewards website for people from all over the world. My ClixSense Review will help to answer the question; are they worth joining.

The company was founded in 2007 and seems to be completely legit. They first started as a paid-to-click website, but has since changed into more of a get paid to or rewards kind of company. They now provide an easy way for its members to earn extra money thru various means.

ClixSense claims to have paid out more than $26 million to its members.

ClixSense has been around for several years, and I have heard good things about them, so I had to join and see for myself.

Earnably is similar to other tasks and offers based websites, like Earnably, Squishycash and MySurvey in that you can earn money for doing many activities.

Below is my ClixSense Review, which is summarized from information obtained from the ClixSense website, feedback obtained from ClixSense users of the site, my own personal experiences, and my own thorough research.

Please give your feed back below if there is something on your mind, or if you have something to say about this survey company.


ClixSense Detail

210 Bates Retreat
Hampstead NC 28443

Contact: Online contact from. They also have a FAQ, Help, and Forum.

Registered by: James Grago

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Must be 16 years of age and older.


Payment Information

Payment means: Cash.ClixSense Tasks

Additional Incentives: Apart from surveys you can also do Offers, Tasks, Play Games, and refer your friends.

Amount per survey: The money you can earn depends on the work you are doing. For surveys, it also depends on the length of the survey and where you are from, but could be between 25 cents and $5. Money for offers and tasks could be up to $6 per task, but depends on the task. And referring your friends earns you about 10% of whatever they earn.

Payout Minimum: The minimum required for all payment methods are $10.

How do you get paid: Payoneer ($2 fee), Skrill (1% fee), Tango Card (no fees), Payza (2.9% + $0.30 fee), Check ($1 fee, but only to US and Canada).

When do you get paid:  Checks are mailed once a month by the 10th. While the other methods are usually paid out within 3 to 4 days from your request.

Sign up bonus: None.

Other information: They don’t pay thru PayPal, which is a huge negative for me. Luckily I already had a Payoneer account, but if you don’t already have any of the above accounts, this could be a bit of a problem for you.

I mentioned above that you can earn up to $6 for tasks. The problem though, there are very few tasks paying $6, and you usually have a huge task if there is. Most tasks pay between 4 and 30 cents only.

They don’t pay for playing games, which is a bummer.


Survey Details

How you get notified: When logging into your ClixSense account under the various tabs.

Frequency of surveys: There are the daily surveys which is 6 for me, but I am told is higher for certain countries. You can also get other surveys throughout the month, but depends on where you are from.

ClixSense Review

Survey Lengths: Usually stated as between 2 and 20 minutes. You could also spend hours doing the other mentioned tasks.

Type of Surveys available: Online daily surveys. Many other income opportunities.

How often do you qualify: I always qualify for the daily surveys, but again it depends on your location. With the other surveys you could qualify about 50% of the time.

Other information: You can win up to 16% bonus of the balance you make per day just for being active on the site and completing a specific ‘Daily Checklist’.

I feel that, for some surveys, the amount of time needed to complete and the amount paid is not in proportion. Paying me $0.27 for a survey that takes 25 minutes, somehow don’t seem fair.

There are however a lot of daily surveys to keep you busy.


General Comments:

Registering with ClixSense is free. You complete your registration by choosing a user name and password, and after activating your email address you have to complete a small profile page to completely activate your account.

There are a lot of things to do, but there are unfortunately people saying that they do not get a lot of surveys because of the country they are from. I can however not say a lot about this, because I get six daily surveys every day. It is unfortunately also true that people from the US will have a lot more income opportunities.

Sites like Swagbucks, GrabPoints and ClixSense exist because of the tasks and offers, and if you don’t like doing these things, you might get bored very quickly.

Also the offers are not something that everybody likes. They work best when you were already in need of something on their offer list, and will then work almost as a cash back.

Tasks on the other hand works through CrowdFlower and can be a fun way to earn.

The ClixSense  website is beautifully designed and set up, probably the best I have ever seen with these kinds of sites.


You can make money with this site, but you have to do a lot in the process. So you won’t get rich, but ClixSense together with other survey sites can give you a little extra money a month.

The game section is very addictive, but it is just for fun, because you can’t earn money thru it, so be careful to not waste a lot of time here.

You can spend a long time on this site though, it all depends on what you like to do.

Please leave your comments below if you are having problems with this site or if you have anything to add.

ClixSense Games



This site is filled with income opportunities and not just surveys, but can take you a long time to accumulate a decent amount of money.

In my opinion, you definitely will not get rich with this site, or any other survey site for that matter. But that was never the point for me, for me it is a way to earn some extra money, and I am sure everybody can do with that.

If you have time to spend, I can definitely recommend you check them out. It is free to join and can be quite fun, what have you got to lose.

So my ClixSense Review is done, and I found that it is not a scam site, but will take some work. Feel free to leave any comments.


Final verdict:  Legit and worth joining.


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