HarrisPollOnline Review

HarrisPollOnline Review

HarrisPollOnline.com is where you can do online surveys that pay in points, which you can then redeem for gift cards from many leading brands. Survey sites that pay in points are quite common with many sites, and sites like Harris Poll Online even rename their point’s payment system to make it unique to them.

“At HPOL® we know you are a key ingredient in our success.” This statement, on their own website, of how they have been able to stay in business for over 50 years, says it best.

The Harris Poll which has been running since 1963, is one of those survey panels that everybody know about, and they have been involved in everything from presidential elections to favorite brand choices, with the help of their EquiTrend. As evident from the first statement above, they place great importance on panel members and really value our opinion.

As they say on their site: “We need your insight and opinions about the products, brands and trends that make up the new marketplace to help our clients create the products and services that make a real difference in your life.”

Harris Interactive was founded way back in 1975 by Dr. Gordon Black. Louis Harris & Associates (LHA) was founded in New York City in 1956 by Louis Harris. In 1996, the Gordon S. Black Corporation (GSBC) acquired LHA and brought with it The Harris Poll. Read the history of Harris Interactive.

Below is my Harrispollonline review, which is summarized from various sources: information obtained from the Harrispollonline website, feedback obtained from Harrispollonline users of the site, and my own thorough research.

Please give your feed back below if there is something on your mind, or if you have something to say about this survey company.


Company DetailHarrisPollOnline Review

60 Corporate Woods
NY 14623-1457
United States

Tel.: (800) 600-2493 or (585) 214-7009
E-mail: info@harrisinteractive.com
Contact: Contact form available. FAQ section.

Owner: Harris Interactive Inc.
Operated by: Harris Interactive Inc.

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Legal residents of the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Japan, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland.
Must be 18 years of age and older.

Disclaimer: While I always prefer doing reviews on sites that I have personally tried, the limitations set on curtain sites prohibits me from joining them. As in the case with this site and their eligibility rules; they do not accept registration from my country. Read more


Payment Information

Payment means: Points called HIpoints.

Additional Incentives: None only surveys.

Amount per survey: Amount earned depends on length of surveys, but could be between 50 and 200 points. Both HIpoints and a HIstakes sweepstakes entry are awarded for most surveys as an incentive to participate.

Payment minimum: A 100 HIpoint minimum balance required before redeeming for a reward.

Survey Gift CardsHow you get paid: Gift cards from places like Amazon, Wal-mart, Home Depot, iTunes, Restaurant, Starbucks, Merchandise and Donations to charities.

When you get paid: You can redeem at any time and for any part of your available HIpoints, but after redeeming it takes about 15 business days to receive it electronically via email.

Sign up bonus: None.

Other information: Very few market research companies can boast this; but HarrisPollOnline credits all rewards within 24 hours after your participation. The site also has a very easy redeeming interface for redeeming your HIpoints for rewards. All unused HIpoints expires after 12 months if your account is inactive for that 12 month period, and the account cannot then be re-opened.

A negative aspect of the site is that you are not able to redeem the points for cash, and can only redeem for gift cards, which might not be to everyone’s liking. The maximum amount allowed per gift card is $10.


Survey Details

How you get notified: Receive notification from Harris Poll Online per e-mail of available surveys. Also when loggingEmail Support into your account.

Frequency of surveys: How frequently you get surveys will always be different from person to person, and will depend on your profile. It seems like most people receive about 4 survey invitations per month, which is quite low compared to other survey sites. Like I said, situations are different and your demographics might allow you to receive much more surveys than the average above.

Survey Lengths: Depends on the length of the survey, but usually stated as between 5 and 25 minutes.

Taking SurveysType of Surveys available: Online surveys, focus groups, telephone and personal interviews.

How often do you qualify: It is unlikely that you will qualify for all surveys for which you receive invitations, so it does happen that you get rejected for surveys that you are invited to. Although the profile surveys are intended to better match you to an available survey, it cannot be guaranteed that you will be able to complete every survey that you are directed to. The good thing is; you still get points even if you do not qualify. From researching the web HarrisPoll HiPointshowever I found that people do report that they qualify for surveys anything between 50% and 66%.

Other information: Just like on other sites, it is important to complete your profile to enhance your chances to receive survey invitations. A nice thing about this site is that you will earn a HIstakes entry and 15 HIpoints, even if you did not qualify for a survey that you were invited too. The quarterly sweepstakes are for cash prizes of up to $10,000 which you also have a chance to enter with every survey you complete.
The FAQ section on Harris Poll Online is very thorough and covers everything you need to know about the site if you are new, this create the impression of a very professional company.


General Comments

HarrisPoll RegistrationRegistration with HarrisPollOnline is free and easy. You will complete a registration form, and after activating your email address you will start completing the initial profile surveys for which you also receive HIpoints. After completing the initial surveys, you will start receiving invitations to participate in other surveys. Just to clarify a matter; upon registration you will be issued a password from their system, but you are able to change that password when you log into your account. The company also has a good customer service and a survey help desk that is easily assessable.

The site currently has over six million members, and they state that they “work with 74 of the Fortune 100 companies and partner with more than 500 public relations firms”. They are also a member of some of the biggest and most well known marketing research organizations in the world. That certainly makes them one of the world’s oldest and most established market research companies.

The reviews found on the web seem to be quite mixed with positive and negative issues being raised. The predominant negative comments being raised are that people most recently are starting to struggle to redeem their points. Please leave your comments below if you are having problems with this site or if you have anything to add.

Survey WarningP.S.: Harris Poll Online does not offer mystery shoppers, quality assurance studies and free gift cash deals or other things not listed on the site, so be careful of scammers who are trying to use the Harris Poll Online name, so always make sure you are on the authentic Harris Poll Online site by Harris Interactive.


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The company and site is definitely legit. The surveys you receive on this site are less than on other sites, which HarrisPollOnline Reviewresults in waiting longer to be able to redeem HIpoints. If I was able to join this site, (they don’t serve my country) I would still join them. I don’t think you should let the matter of fewer surveys scare you, let the account sit there and do the surveys when you receive an invite.

Like I said in my Welcome message; one survey site is not going to make you rich. It’s all the little amounts that add up to give you that little extra money that we can all do with, and the more sites you join the better. So, do not worry if this is a ‘small’ income site, just do it. The decision is however still your own, and you have to decide what is best for you.

I hope you found this HarrisPollOnline Review helpful, and that you found the information you were looking for. It will be appreciated if you can also rate this survey site on the above rating system, to assist other users.

Final verdict: Legit and worth joining.

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