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I am sure I don’t have to convince you on the usefulness of the internet when it comes to finding information. No matter what situation you are stuck in, the chances are you can just turn to the internet and type in what you need in a search engine, and you will find hundreds if not millions of relevant pages.

It is however only in recent years that people became aware of the income possibilities of the internet. Working from The Bosshome for yourself, with online paid surveys and more, can be great and fulfilling and can give you freedom that a regular day job can not give. You can be as successful as you want to be, and be your own boss.

Part time jobs from home can of course also be a great way to earn a bit of extra money which can supplement your current income. These supplementary income opportunities are in most cases the focus of this website.

There are many ways to earn an income online; internet marketing, freelancing, investing, and survey taking are my current favorite ways.

Online Paid Surveys will be the focus of this article.


Why do surveys?

You can earn money online with surveys and there are many online survey sites that pays very well, but you have toOnline Paid Surveys know where to find them. Surveys are a nice and easy way to make a little bit of extra money for very little work, almost like a passive income with a few clicks of the mouse.

I do not believe you can make a full time living out of doing surveys but like I said, you can make a little bit of extra money which can be a supplement to an existing full time income or even a supplement to other online work from home jobs.

So have you thought about joining some survey sites, but don’t know what to expect, and more to the point; you don’t know if it is for you.

I also had my doubts when I first started participating in surveys. I found some of the questions very personal, and what kind of memory do these so called top survey companies have, because do they really have to ask me my gender with every single survey I take with them; do they think it changes every week. 🙂

Well when I started to look past some of the silly things and just participated, I really started to enjoy taking surveys.

I am a member of several survey sites, of which CashCrate is one, read my CashCrate Review to find out why.


Why I love surveys

I enjoy taking surveys, and specifically love surveys about new products to come that very few people know about yet.New Product As an example: I recently did a survey on a new digital product (that’s all I can say) that will be coming on to the market, which was very interesting and exciting to hear about because it will deal with a matter that I and a lot of other people are struggling with. It is great to know that you have a hand in that new product coming on to the market; the only problem, having to wait for it after getting all excited.

Yes, you do get the ‘weird’ surveys from time to time, which you wish could just end already. By weird I mean the ones where you answered that you do not know a specific product or field of study, but for the next 45 minutes (which was suppose to be 20) they keep asking you about the same product. As an example: A few weeks back I did a survey on traveling, and had to answer a question on which countries I had traveled too.

I then sat answering questions for 45 minutes about a country I have never been to, after answering that I have neverTake your time been to that country, and then to top it all; the questions were difficult and was such that you could really only answer them if you had been to that country. You might be laughing at me right now, but I actually had Google open with this survey to look up some of the questions they were asking me.

These bad surveys are however not so often because I made sure to join the best sites, like Mobrog, for example.

No matter though, surveys are fun and educational, and you get paid for it.


Survey taking process

The first thing of course is to register to the survey company, which is normally a quick process. You choose your country of residence, enter all the required detail, choose a username and password and then have to enter and confirm your email address.Email

A good piece of advice I can give you is to use an email that is not the same as your personal email. I have actually created a totally new email address that I use only for surveys, because participating on some of the trial offers on some of the sites can cause you to receive some spam. Do not be too concerned about that though, it is really not such a big deal, and never really bothered me much.

The first step in most surveys is for the survey company to determine their target group, in other words they want to find out if you are the right person for that specific survey. For example; let’s say they want to ask questions about and too teenagers, and you are 46 years old; you are probably not what they are looking for. 🙂

They will therefore start with some demographic questions to determine if you are the right fit. Demographic questions are things like gender, age, occupation, income and size of household.

They ask some of these, and sometimes all of these questions every time you receive a survey invitation. You will generally know after 2 to 3 minutes if you are going to participate in the survey or not. If you do qualify….. enjoy!

There is a survey site where you will always qualify, find out what makes PaidViewPoint so different.



There are still many things that can be said about surveys, but I will leave that for future articles. The purpose of this article was to introduce you to surveys as a possible means of earning some income, and to briefly show the survey Money Caseregistration and taking process.

The payment processes are explained on each survey site’s review page which can be found on this site, which also shows the minimum amounts you must have in your account before you will get paid. The money aspect is important and I can create a complete article only on this topic, so more on this later.

I hope you found this short introduction article about online paid surveys useful, and that you can see the benefits of participating in online surveys.

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