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Opinion Hero Review

A few months back I got a request from a visitor to my website to review Opinion Hero, as he was interested in joining them; so here goes.Sad Face

To save you some time, I need to right from the start mention that I was not able to join this site. After struggling to join them for more than an hour, I finally managed to send them an email. It turns out that Opinion Hero and Mobrog is the same company, and I was not allowed to join both.

You are welcome to continue reading and see what I managed to find out about them without actually joining them.

My Opinion Hero Review will be in the same format as all my other reviews, but where I was unable to get the specific information, I will say so.

So what is Opinion Hero?

Currently Opinion Hero has over 2 million active members, which says something about them already.

A few of the statements on their homepage:

“Help organizations all over the world to make the world a better place by sharing your attitudes and needs”

“As an OPINION HERO, you can have an active part in making much needed change happen in the world.”

“Speak your mind and be heard. Politicians, scholars and companies rely on the opinions of citizens, consumers and the public at large.”

Please give your feed back below if there is something on your mind, or if you have something to say about this survey company.

Opinion Hero Overview

Barmbeker Straße 7a, 22303

Tel: None
E-mail: None
Contact: Online contact form available within the FAQ section.




World Wide. Each eligible country has their own website, which is the same website with a different URL. Select country from top right drop-down.

You have to have a PayPal account with the same email address as your Opinion Hero account.

Must be 18 years of age or older.

Opinion Hero Review

Sign-up Process

When you first click the ‘Join’ button, you are taken to a short form you have to complete to begin the sign-up process. This is standard, as every survey company asks these questions.

Their legal documents are ‘hidden’ under their about me page, so I could not read these documents before I joined, as I did not know they were there.

Alright I need to get right into the problems. After I completed all my detail and clicked the register button, I am told that the email I gave was already taken and that I should try another one. I never registered with them before, so this message made no sense.

So what to do?

I searched for the contact us button which every site should have, but there is no such thing. I clicked on Help & Support, which again, is ‘hidden’ under the About Us tab. There is no contact support option anywhere.

I did however find a Contact Us button under one of the subheadings. It says this; “You did not find an answer to your question here? Please send us a short message and we are happy to help!”

Not a good customer experience if you have to look for 30 minutes just for a way to contact a website!

I must also add that the response to my emails were friendly and helpful. Turns out that Opinion Hero is linked to Mobrog, and because I belong to Mobrog, I am not allowed to join Opinion Hero as well.

There is no mention of any connection to Mobrog on their homepage, except this entry I found under a section in their Terms and Conditions (which is not very visible):

  1. You must not maintain more than one account on this Site and our other services*;

And at the bottom of this section I found this:

*, &

It is at this moment that I just wanted to throw in the towel, but on I go. The following is information I was able to find on the Opinion Hero website.

Payment Information

Payment means: Credits.

Additional ways to earn: Market research, Product tests, Service tests and Group discussions.

Amount per survey: Amount earned depends on length of surveys, and you will be notified of the amount before you start the survey. Could be between 500 and 50000 credits per survey.

Payment minimum: 7800 credits. Maximum of 7800 credits twice a day.

How you get paid: PayPal.

When do you get paid: Paid out thru PayPal as soon as you request payment.

Sign up bonus: None

Other information: Unclaimed rewards from a survey taken, expires after 13 months from the date of when you took the survey. Your account can also become inactive and closed if you don’t take part in surveys.  

Survey Details

How you get notified: Receive notification per e-mail of available surveys. Also when logging into your account.

Frequency of surveys: As always, the frequency of surveys differs from person to person, and depends on your profile and demographics. It is a difficult question to answer as members from different counties can actually receive completely different amounts of surveys.

If they are anything like their other website Mobrog, you could be receiving up to 5 surveys a month, but that is just my best guess.

Survey Lengths: Again I can only assume they will be the same as Mobrog, so usually not more than 20 minutes per survey.

Type of Surveys available: Online surveys. Mobile surveys.

How often do you qualify: Not sure.

Other information: It is important to complete your profile surveys and to keep them updated; this enhances your chances to receive more survey invitations.


Looking for another site with high survey invitations? Check out my Globaltestmarket Review for detail of just such a site.


General Comments

Their customer service seems to be good, judging  from the responses I received from my emails. Customer Service

The website could be setup better though.

I felt very annoyed in the beginning as I was trying to register with Opinion Hero. Firstly, it is difficult to find their Terms and Privacy Policy, not to mention the hassle it was to find any contact detail.

There are no rules against having more than one website, and I completely understand why I am not allowed to join both websites. I just wished they made it clear on the homepage that they are part of a group. As it is, they waste people’s time of having to complete a sign up form, only to be told at the end that you cannot join.

True, I could of used another email address. I could then take part in many surveys, and build up a nice credit balance, and lose it all when I am identified as being on both websites. Plus, according to them it is illegal to join both site, so I didn’t.

Please leave your comments below if you are having problems with this site or if you have anything to add.


Looking past the trouble I had, it is hard for me to stay angry as I really like Mobrog, and for me, any company linkedIs it worth it to Mobrog should then also be good.

So, this may sound strange, but although I was unable to join Opinion Hero, I still want to recommend them. You just can’t be part of both.

I always advice people to join many survey sites, and that is exactly the reason why I would advise you to join Opinion Hero as well. Being a part of many survey sites sure adds up down the line.

I will appreciated it if you can also rate this survey site on the above rating system, to assist other users.

Final verdict: Join.


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