Paidviewpoint Review is a survey site where you can take surveys for cash, and is actually one of the best survey sites that pay in cash. This is also a site like no other, as they guarantee the following:

“We never screen you out once you’ve been invited into a survey.”

This is truly unique, because with most other sites you first have to answer several questions and then stand the risk of being disqualified because you don’t fit in their target group.

Below is my PaidViewPoint review, which should give you all the information you need to be able to make an informed decision, whether is worth your time.

The review is thorough but still straight to the point, as I like to do it. Please give your feed back below if there is something on your mind, or if you have something to say about this survey company.

Company DetailPaidViewPoint Review

123 10th St.,
San Francisco,
California 94103
United States

Tel: (415) 364-8601
Contact: Contact form available. FAQ section.

Operated by: Ask Your Target Market, AYTM Umongous, Inc.

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Must be 18 years of age or older.


Payment Information

Payment means: Cash.

Additional Incentives: Trait scores awarded after each trait survey, a higher trait score of 9000 means more cash per survey, and more surveys per month.

Amount per survey: For trait surveys (daily surveys) you receive between $0.03 and $0.10 per survey. For longer surveys it US dollarsdepends on the length, but usually between $0.50 and $1.00.

Minimum required: $15.00

How do you get paid: PayPal

When do you get paid: Receive payment usually within 72 hours after claim.

Sign up bonus: Amounts could be different per country, but usually about $1.00

Other information: Ensure that you enter your correct PayPal account, because the company has a policy that if you change your PayPal account at any time, you lose the existing balance in your account.


Survey Details

How you get notified: Receive notification per e-mail of available surveys. Also when logging into your account in top right corner.

Frequency of surveys: You receive a survey every day, but in the form of a trait survey, which is also called profile questions at Taking Online Surveysother sites. How frequently you get larger surveys differs from person to person, and depends on your profile. You will receive surveys if your profile reflects the target group they are trying to reach.

Survey Lengths: For trait surveys (daily surveys) it is usually between 2 and 5 minutes per survey. For longer surveys it is usually between 5 and 10 minutes per survey.

Type of Surveys available: Online surveys. Mobile surveys. Daily surveys.

How often do you qualify: You will always qualify for the surveys you are invited to, that is the good news, they even promise that in their ‘About Us’ statement. This is due to the thoroughness of the trait surveys.

Other information: Surveys from PaidViewPoint are in general short and not long and time consuming. Another nice thing is that there are surveys with them that you can even earn extra incentives per question that you answer. Surveys at this site are interesting and will never be boring, if of course you are honest in you profile/trait surveys. That is because you will receive surveys only in the areas that is reflected in your profile, and which are interesting to you.

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General Comments

Registration is free and quick with Paidviewpoint just like it is suppose to be with all legit sites. Your real name and physical address Online supportis not required at registration. Customer service is competent and fast.

The surveys that you will get every day is called trait surveys and are used to determine their target group for available surveys, the payment is not high (as mentioned above) but at least it is money earned every day, which is why I like them. You also earn a trait score up to a maximum of 10000, which eventually will ensure that your surveys will be worth more, and that you receive more surveys.

The trait surveys are also intended to track your honesty, consistency and availability when answering surveys, while they track your hobbies, demographics, interests etc. This unfortunately means that many questions are repeated over and over, this is done so they can see how honest you really are. They actually created an algorithm to track your honesty.

If I can give a little bit of advice; this is not a site that you should lie on, they will catch you out, and you could be banned. On two occasions I actually bought something later that I previously answered on a survey with them that I did not own. So when the question was asked again, of course I had to answer yes I do possess such item. After the survey a question came on the screen asking me to clarify why my answers were different on these two occasions. While my situation was just an honest change in life style, the point is don’t answer differently because they will know about it. Please leave your comments below if you are having problems with this site or if you have anything to add.


JudgmentPaidViewPoint Review

I love this survey site purely because I receive a survey, in the form of a trait survey, everyday. Yes it is true, the amount for this trait survey is not very much, but at least it is some form of income every day. The longer surveys are also fun to take, and because of the trait surveys you always qualify for the surveys you are invited to.

I can definitely recommend that should be part of the survey sites that you use to make that little extra money we all need.

I hope you found this Paidviewpoint Review helpful, and that you found the information you were looking for. It will be appreciated if you can also rate this survey site on the above rating system, to assist other users.

Final verdict: Legit and worth joining.

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