Surveys is Fun

So, I created a website with the main focus of promoting survey sites. I must have a screw lose, because you can’t really make any real money from surveys; right?

Well you can, and I do, but that is beside the point.

Why I love surveys is really simple; Surveys is fun!


What you Get

You can learn so much from doing surveys and there are so many different kind of surveys; from new products, game reviews, your favorite shop down the road, learning about countries, and many other topics.

I love survey about new products. As an example: a while back I did a survey on new flu medicine that the company wish to manufacture, which was very interesting and exciting to hear about.

This is just one example of new product reviews I have done, there are many more.

It is great to know that my opinion and input helped to create a new product.

I also did a review on a recently released game, which lucky for me, happened to be my favorite game at that time. It was great to see the expansions they had in mind, which are now actually released.Map of Asia

Yes, you do get the irritating surveys that you wish could just end already. The irritating surveys are the ones that never ends, they were suppose to be 20 minutes but end up being over 50 minutes. They seem to like asking the same questions over and over.

At least I get paid!

No matter the individual pain in the bud surveys, surveys are fun and educational and again, you get paid for it.


Pick and Choose

Of course you can pick and choose which ones to do. If you don’t have much time when the survey invitations comesSurveys is Fun in, you can choose to do only the shortest ones; it’s always your choice. Just as an indication what I mean; of the 15+ survey invitations I received this past week, I only completed 7, I was really short on time.

There are also surveys that I choose not to do purely because of the subject matter. You will always know what the topic of the survey is before you accept it, and can therefore make up your mind whether to do it or not.

Don’t get me wrong, all surveys are fun, no matter the topic. I just found I enjoy them more if I know or like the topic.

You can of course just do everything you get; which gets you the most money.


Show me the money

Yes, you won’t get rich doing surveys, but that has never been the point for me. The money I earn is real, but is a supplement to other income streams I have.

I have made a very nice supplementary paycheck over the past few years, and together with other online work that I do, it adds up very nicely.

If you are expecting screen prints of the checks I have received from survey sites; that is not going to happen. IBlank Check have seen many sites where they show, what they say are proof, what they have received and always show this huge sums of money, and most of them are a bunch of crap.

You don’t need to see what I have earned, most people don’t believe it anymore in any case, you actually need to earn it yourself then you will believe.

Joining survey sites is free, so there is no reason why you can’t find out for yourself whether there is money to be made or not.

Have you ever done surveys, and what did you think about it? Would you do it again?

Thank you for stopping by, hope you enjoyed this article. So, check the reviews on this site, join some sites, and find out for yourself why surveys is fun.

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