Swagbucks Review

SwagBucks Review

“Swagbucks.com is the Web’s premier rewards and loyalty destination.”

As stated by them on their website.

Swagbucks is a survey site that has their payment means set as points, but it does not mean that you cannot earn money online with surveys through them. Survey jobs from home are a nice way to earn a little extra money in the month and can be a nice supplement to another form of income.

The points that you earn with Swagbucks can be easily converted to cash and even gift cards. Survey sites that pay in points are quite common with many sites and sites like Swagbucks even rename their point’s payment system to make it unique to them.

Swagbucks.com allows web and mobile members to earn virtual currency (called Swag Bucks) for doing what they already do online every day- watching videos, searching the web, playing games, participating in market research and shopping online. Swag Bucks can then be redeemed for valuable rewards, including gift cards to the world’s online and offline retailers.

Below is my Swagbucks review, which is summarized from various sources: information obtained from the Swagbucks website, feedback obtained from Swagbucks users of the site, and my own thorough research.

Please give your feed back below if there is something on your mind, or if you have something to say about this survey company.


Company DetailSwagbucks Review

P.O. Box 578
Manhattan Beach,
California 90267
United States

Tel.: 1-877-748-2714
Email: support@swagbucks.com

Contact: Contact form available. FAQ section. Forum section.
Owner: Prodege LLC
Operated by: Swagbucks.com Sites

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United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, India and Canada.
Must be 13 years of age or older.

Disclaimer: While I always prefer doing reviews on sites that I have personally tried, the limitations set on curtain sites prohibits me from joining them. As in the case with this site and their eligibility rules; they do not accept registration from my country. Read more


Payment Information

Payment means: Points that they call Swag bucks.

Additional Incentives: Shopping, searching the web, tasks, watching videos, playing games, special offers, daily polls, referrals and more.

Amount per survey: Amount earned depends on length of surveys, but could be from 30 to over 300 points.Swagbucks GiftCards

Payment minimum: No payment minimum but it does depend what you want to redeem for.

How you get paid: Various gift cards and coupons, PayPal gift card for cash. The most popular seem to be Amazon ($5) and PayPal.

When do you get paid: Usually within 24 hours.

Sign up bonus: 30 swag bucks after registration.

Other information: If you attempt to redeem points for a reward and it is found that the reward is unavailable, out of stock, or cannot be provided to you, you will be awarded with a reward of equal or greater value at the Company’s sole discretion. You may therefore not cancel the reward or return the reward for a refund of points, once you order a reward so you have to be careful what you choose.

Swag bucks expire and will be lost if not redeemed within two years from the date of issuance. Additionally swag bucks earned in accounts that are inactive for six months will also expire and will be lost.


Survey Details

How you get notified: Receive notification per e-mail of available surveys. Also when logging into your account under ‘Earn’ tab on top of the screen.

Frequency of surveys: Ensure that you complete your profile surveys to stand the best chance to receive as much surveys as possible. From what I found with my research, registered users report frequent survey invitation through their emails, but state there are even more available on the site for which emails are not sent out. Some people even report that they get invited for more than 15 surveys per month, without counting the ones you can find on the site itself.

Survey Lengths: Surveys on SwagBucks are generally short but there are also longer ones, and the times could be Timeanything between 3 and 25 minutes. There seem to be many surveys around 3 to 5 minutes in length according to reports received.

Type of Surveys available: Online surveys, Mobile surveys (with the mobile app)

How often do you qualify: If you have completed all your profile surveys you should have high qualifying ratios of surveys. Most people report that they qualify for about 75% of all surveys received, which is around 3 out of every 4 received.

Other information: Swagbucks has a section where you can set yourself goals for a day, and if you are able to achieve that points total that you set yourself, you receive a bonus. You will also receive a bonus for getting winning streaks.


General Comments

Swagbucks Facebook Sign upRegistration with SwagBucks is free and easy. An account is created by providing an email address, a unique password and other required information, or you can also register by clicking the “Facebook” button. Just like with other sites you will also have to activate your email address through an activation email, after this your account will be active.

A nice and unique aspect about SwagBucks is that each individual in your household may have their own account.

There is also an ‘Accelerator’ program which you can sign up for. This is a kind of paid registration, which has two levels. The idea with the program is that Swagbucks will match your level requirement of points if you are able to reach it in that month. So in other words if you are suppose to reach a 1500 points in the month, and you do, they will give you another 1500 points as reward. This program could be ideal if you are going to spend a large amount of time using Swagbucks.

SwagBucks was established in 2008 and according to Wikipedia has over 12 million registered members.

You can find out more about Swagbucks on Wikipedia here.

The reviews found on the web also seem predominantly positive, which makes them a good site to join. Please leave your comments below if you are having problems with this site or if you have anything to add.



This site is like many other similar sites like ZoomBucks, SquishyCash and CashCrate, because of the many otherSwagbucks Review income opportunities that you have. These additional activities do not even consider the huge amount of survey invitations you are likely to receive in a month. All in all this means you can spend several hours a day being active on swagbucks.com and not even scratch the surface.

I personally love this kind of sites, and I am a member of the above mentioned sites. There are many things to do if you get tired of doing surveys, you can watch videos or do some free offers and even play some games. All of these things make you money.

I know a lot of people claim playing games on these sites is a waste of time because you cannot earn a lot. Yes you might not be able to earn a lot; it is still a fun way to earn though. If you, for example, ‘worked’ on this site for a few hours, and then end it off with a game or two, which can be fun and can earn you a few points.

I hope you found this Swagbucks Review helpful, and that you found the information you were looking for. It will be appreciated if you can also rate this survey site on the above rating system, to assist other users.

Final verdict: Legit and worth joining.

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