I love taking surveys, and my guess is you do too or at least you’re thinking about it, which is why you’re reading this. I also love working from home, because of the freedom it gives me. Work from home jobs are much sought after these days, because of the rotten economy we all need to find something that can earn us a little extra money, or maybe you want to do it full-time. Unfortunately with the numerous opportunities out there, there are also numerous opportunities out there to get scammed. Additionally, finding opportunities to join can be difficult because a lot of this work from home sites do not cater for international

So, the reason for this site is; to find and show legitimate work from home jobs that cater for people globally. The emphases of this site will be firstly survey sites, but it will also cater for many other profitable work from home opportunities.

Taking surveys can be fun and educational, and YOU get paid.

 Show me the money

us-dollars-84594_150The money is the important part, isn’t it? We are all looking for a little extra money, for that end of the month quick noodles times. Yes, I will admit that you can’t get rich by doing surveys, and you should not even consider doing it full time by itself. You can however make some extra money that you otherwise would not have had.

The key is to join multiple survey sites. An example: Let’s say you joined 20 survey sites; each site’s minimum for payout is $15, so that means instead of earning just $15 you could earn $300 for the period that you would of earned that $15. Every small bit adds up.

Then we take into account the other work from home jobs that we can participate in, such as freelancing and pound-414418_150internet marketing, and we can really raise our monthly income opportunities.

Again, you can’t get rich by doing surveys, but you can make some extra money, and if done together with other work from home jobs can really add up.

This has been my process….

When I started to look for survey sites, I ran a search on Google and found numerous sites, and wrote them down on a piece of paper. Then came the research whether they are legit or a scam. Just too quickly mention, when you do this research you end up getting more names of survey sites and a lot more links; you know the feeling. You end up with a list of over a 50 survey companies.

OK, so when you do the research, you tend to check more than one site, right? Now picture this; you are on your 3rd or maybe even 4th review of the survey site you are researching, you have spent over an hour and a half reading. At the end of the last paragraph of the review you get this words: “Only for citizens of the US, Canada or UK.” In some occasions there are no such mention on any of the review sites, and you only find this fact out when you read the survey site’s own Terms and Conditions, or worst; after you try to join them.

Time is wasted

Retro green alarm clockI joined a survey site, after going through all the processes as mentioned above. Once on the site I immediately got to make money when I did a few profile surveys, and quickly build up to $6, wow. When I completed all these profile surveys, I noticed on the top of the home page the words saying something like this; “As your location is out of our serving area there will be limited surveys and income possibilities.”

Since joining the site over 6 months back I have yet to receive a survey, and I can not participate in any of the other money making tasks on the site. The minimum payout is $15, and it is clear I will never reach that so I stopped logging on to the site to check for surveys. The funny thing is I receive constant emails from them asking me to return to the site to see the ‘wonderful’ opportunities available to make money.

Reason for this site

I cannot remember how many hours I have wasted just trying to join a survey site, only to find out that I am not from the correct Nationality. So, this is the reason for this site. I will make it very easy for you, by doing the quality-500963_150following:

  • Reviewing only the best sites out there, survey and work from home, and which are worth your time.
  • Every site reviewed on this site will be companies that except people globally.

Remember, that this site is for everyone, even if you are from the US, Canada and UK, as all the survey sites and work from home sites mentioned on this site accepts people globally. You will also find a menu of survey sites that only cater for people from the US, Canada and UK, because I do not have anything against these sites.

I don’t know about you, but I hate reading long drawn out reviews. A survey review should just be straight to the point, only showing the important things; are the survey company good or not, payment details, survey details and are there any problems I should know about. Is there anything else we really need? That is the type of reviews you will find here.


I know how precious time is, so let me help you to save your time by doing the brunt work for you. There is no need for you to research site after site just to find a survey company and work from home site that will accept you, I am sure you have better things to do with your time. Remember I only review the best survey sites that are worth our time.

Hope I can be of help to you.




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